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Advantage of Smart Home Touch Switch

Five Touch Points
The design for the Smart Home Touch Switch is based on our ‘one switch’ concept: Instead of overwhelming your wall (and your guests) with dedicated switches for lighting, music and blinds, you can instead combine everything into one switch that’s simple to use.
Integrated Temperature & Humidity Sensor
With the Smart Home Touch Switch you can ensure that your home is always at the right temperature. The in-built temperature and humidity sensor will monitor conditions within your home, and if it gets too hot and stuffy for example, your home will respond automatically.
Click Feedback
A common issue with touch switches is that often you can’t be sure if you’ve really pressed them as there’s no feedback. The Smart Home Touch Switch has an optional audible click feedback function, reassuring you that your touch was registered.
Thanks to Smart Home Touch Switch wireless technology, you can install your Smart Home Touch Switch wherever you like around your home – if you’re constantly climbing out of bed to turn off the light or leaning perilously over the edge of the sofa when the film starts, you’ll know what we mean here. The light switches in my own 1930’s semi are located behind the doors (seriously!), meaning I have to reach around the door to turn the lights on and off every time I go into a room.
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